The Curators

DEVELOPER - Everbright Properties

Every home we create starts with a vision that is rooted in its community. We operate from the perspective that when our homeowners live comfortably; they build roots and become part of the community they live in, creating a world of shared wealth that will benefit all of us today, and for generations to come.

ARCHITECT - GBL Architects

As proponents of emergent architecture, we believe success in form isn’t defined by a strength to endure, but through the ability to surprise over time. One of Western Canada’s leading designers, we are a creatively-driven architectural practice with a reputation for innovative, sustainable contemporary design.


By bringing together concept consulting and commercial interior design we shape impactful, experience-driven spaces. We believe that transformational ideas demand integrity in execution, and that by developing visionary concepts that unite every department and discipline, we help create spaces that leave a lasting legacy.

SALES & MARKETING - Magnum Projects

Since 1991, George Wong and the Magnum Projects team have established an impeccable track record. From waterfront luxury to first time buyers, Magnum Projects has earned a reputation of trust and set the standard for marketing new homes in Vancouver.